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Handtying Ceremony

Other Ceremonies

There are of course many other important milestones in our lives, all of which deserve celebrating. Some of the most popular are listed below but as a celebrant I am always happy to design a new ceremony for any commemoration.

  • Baby Naming

  • Adoption Ceremony

  • Renaming Ceremony

  • Vow Renewals

  • Pet funerals

Handtying Ceremony

Handtying is an ancient symbolic marriage ritual which spans several cultures and is becoming increasingly popular with modern couples. It is a beautiful ceremony in which the couple's hands are placed together and bound with a ribbon or cord, representing their union. The ribbon is looped as many as six times with a vow made on each loop, with the final eternity knot tied loosely so it can be kept as a special symbol of the marriage.

Unity Sand Ceremony

The unity sand ceremony is another symbolic tradition where two people take sand from their individual vessels and combine the grains into one. This represents the joining of two beings and the creation of a new union and family. The keepsake joined vessel symbolises the marriage of both partners' hopes, dreams and values.


Funerals are a time to bring family and friends together to remember the departed. The life of the deceased is brought to the fore and celebrated, allowing those left behind to embrace their loss and sorrow. I will play as great or small a role as you need to steer you through the day and together we'll give your departed loved one the honour and dignity that they deserve.

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